Denis Miller

2021 - now, Woven Planet


I'm working as a Senior Runtime Software Engineer at Woven by Toyota.

Started working

as a Senior Simulation Software Engineer at Woven Planet

  • Simulation of vehicle physics and behavior in different reproducible scenarios.

  • Execute the Arene application on a virtual vehicle the same way as on the metal one, simulating sensor input.

Aug 2021

I joined Woven Planet Holdings as a member of the Arene Reactor team at Woven Alpha.

The company was later renamed to "Woven by Toyota".

Woven by Toyota logo

2016 - 2021, Rakuten


Worked at Rakuten as a Team Lead and Technology Architect

Rakuten logo

Centralized Image Evaluations Storage

Company-wide portal for storing and providing all the image-related information that Machine Learning can gather.

Rakuten Clean Images for Marketplace

The award-winning project targets to strengthen the position of Rakuten, the largest Japanese E-commerce portal, by using AI to check the cleanliness of product images.

I have made Rakuten Ichiba cleaner.

I am proud of my achievement

being a father and later a tech leader of the "Rakuten Image Sciences Platform".

Low-latency, high-performing service for image search on a billion-scale index. Built on a highly scalable architecture, an automated pipeline that continuously handles millions of updates.

Search using camera

Take a look at the happy customer's feedback and other impressions, and feel free to try it by yourself.

NVidia GPU Tech Conference 2017

Conducted a tech talk session about "Large-Scale Product Categorization with Deep Learning Models in Rakuten"

2016, Microsoft

Joined as a partner staff member

Microsoft logo

Microsoft Azure Ecosystem EcoManager

A platform for managing Azure data centers, certifications, availabilities, vulnerabilities, and so on.

2014 - 2016, Malachit Intellectual Systems


ITEMAX and Malachite reunited under the name Malachite Intellectual Systems.

Worked at MIS as a Head of the Department. SCRUM and CI/CD evangelist.

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Some background

  • Led Mobile & Visual Development Department.

  • Brought Agile and SCRUM to the company.

  • Key dev positions in BI and Dashboard projects for United Shipbuilding Corporation.

2012 - 2014, ITEMAX

A startup company

I co-founded a startup and led the mobile development department of the new IT company ITEMAX


Collaboration with ""

Partially sharing the codebase from scratch to a complete all-platform ecosystem.

Company SaaS product

Full-stack e-commerce SaaS solution: CMS, Reservations, friendly-URL routing, Product page, Characteristics & Comparison, RESTful API, mobile apps.

Collaboration with media portal "" is a music distribution service with a 13M audience.

  • Inherited a legacy Android app and made it the best in Google Play Music apps by raising its rating from 3.8 to 4.5, and the number of downloads increased from 3 to 8M.

  • Developed a Chromium-based music-powered web browser.

2004 - 2012, Malachit


Worked at Malachit as a Software Engineer and later as a Senior Software Engineer

Malachit logo

Automation of manufacturing plant business processes

  • Online trading/auctions, released in 2006 and still in business.

  • Corporate ECM.

  • BI for ERP and MES.

  • CRM, Debt Management, and Budget Management.

1999 - 2004, Education

at the

Chelyabinsk State University

of Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

In 2004, I graduated from the Chelyabinsk State University with a Magister ScientiƦ / Specialist degree having a "Best Diploma Project" award.

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